When Netflix Hijacks Your Editing Time

When Netflix Hijacks Your Editing Time


Not a productive week for book editing.  Good intentions were side swiped by a sick kiddo, the usual demands of work and family (why do they need dinner EVERY night!?) and . . .  Netflix.  It just sucks you in!  But I was intrigued by their new series, Thirteen Reasons Why, and the hype around it.

I have to be honest, my first thought while watching was, here we go, more angst from teenagers making mountains out of mole hills.  Get a grip already – life is hard!

But as I watched all 13 episodes (I know! I should have been editing!) I did gain a new understanding about suicide as a mental illness and an appreciation that someone is taking the time to increase awareness.

There’s a lot of debate swirling around about whether this series is potentially harmful for teens to watch, but I think the value of more people seeing it outweighs any risks. When you shine a spotlight on a topic it forces people to look at it and discuss it. Continued discussion brings familiarity and an increased comfort level which hopefully leads to actions and solutions.  And God knows we need both of those for mental health in this country.

Not too long ago there was a stigma to having a child with ADHD.  That has lessened as more parents are facing this challenge and talking with others about their experiences and struggles.

That’s why I decided to write a book about my experience with childhood mental illness. There are a lot of parents struggling with the the behavioral issues we did (I see them tearing their hair out daily on Facebook posts) and it’s important they know they are not alone. Hopefully it will start more conversations.

Maybe it sparks a series. Ya hear that Netflix?! 🙂