So, I Wrote a Book

Parenting is hard! And apparently not for the weak. Everyone’s experience raising children is different and perspective is everything.  I’m well aware there are parents dealing with children who have cancer, or are in a wheelchair, or a million other challenges that probably make my experience seem small in comparison.

But there are also many parents raising children with mental illnesses who feel isolated, alone, judged, and overwhelmed with the lack of answers.  I wrote Naked by Nine because I know there are parents out there who will relate to the struggles we went through trying to find an answer to our child’s behaviors.

Hopefully they will see they are not alone, it is not their fault, and can find some comfort in the fact someone else knows how it feels when the school calls for the third time that week.

That’s if it gets published . . . Stay tuned and follow my blog as I share my process working through the world of publishing a book!

P Wolfe

Paula M. Wolfe