Naked by Nine

About the book

Naked by Nine delivers a day by day account of life with a child suffering from mental illness. Get a close up look at the chaotic, somewhat humorous, and sometimes miserable 12 year journey we took to manage and correctly diagnose our son with a rare combination of Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Bipolar.

Follow the blow by blow narrative of a child’s severe behaviors from infancy to 15 years old and the ten months he spent at a children’s psychiatric center during the peak of his crisis.

Parents raising children with a mental illness will recognize the mind boggling challenges and frustrations of navigating the mental health and educational systems.

For others it will shine a light on the behaviors they’ve probably seen in children of friends and relatives that they likely judged but will reconsider after a ring side seat into the chaos. And perhaps bring a little perspective to what truly constitutes a bad call from the school.

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