What doesn’t kill you?

What doesn’t kill you?


Yeah, yeah Kelly Clarkson.  It might make you stronger but I doubt she was doing her own book marketing when she wrote her recent children’s book.

I’m in full book proposal writing mode and working through the marketing portion of it. There is so much to manage and consider! How are you going to market? Do you have a press kit?  What’s your editorial contact list like?  Where will you speak? What’s your blog and website look like? Are you on Twitter?  Facebook? Instagram?  Will you be available to be on TV?  Willing to sell your first born?

Ok, they’re not asking for that last one.  Yet.  But man, getting published today requires some WORK beyond the writing.  (If ya got any tips, comments, thoughts or shortcuts leave ’em in the comments because Lord can I use ’em!)

I think I spent more hours on my marketing plan this week than my job!  But it’s moving along and I am slowly inching closer to being ready to send out agent queries. Which I’m sure will bring its own kind of pain. 🙂

Since I wrote my last post about the need for more mental health resources I came across this article about the need for more child psychiatrists which I couldn’t agree with more. Some great ideas in it that could go a long way to helping children with mental illness get resources started early where they are needed.  Again, a win win for all involved.


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