Book Written. Check!

Book Written. Check!


It apparently took being unemployed to motivate me into finally writing a book.  I’d been thinking about it for a very long time.  After 19 years (yikes!) working as a Marketing Communications Manager my position was eliminated during a re-organization which left me more time on my hands than I’d had in a long time.

Part of those 19 years were spent raising two boys who are now 15 and 12. The oldest  is Autistic and Bipolar which brought its own challenges.  Not sure how I even managed my job all of those years since most of the time while he was young I was running from work to the school, or a psychiatrist, or another therapist to manage the “drama of the day”.

I kept a lot of notes during those years.  Lots and lots of notes. I had to keep notes to keep track of the constantly changing medications and doctors and appointments but it was also therapeutic in some ways to be able to write down what was happening and scream at paper instead of people.

So those notes have now worked their way into a book.  But, it seems writing the book is the easy part! Next hurdles – editing, marketing, publishing.

This is going to be interesting, but not half as interesting as the book.  🙂

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